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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
I think the next time a patient hurls racial invective at me or flashes me his family jewels, I'll go suck my thumb and sue.


People fire their nurses and doctors all the time, bros.
You can refuse service from a nurse until they give you a new one, but you can't really fire a nurse. A doctor you could choose not to see but a hospital can't let patients make choices based on race.

Sure a person can refuse to treated and most hospitals would probably just accomadate the person.

But if a hospital said you can't work today because the patients say they don't want any black nurses, umm yeah they will be getting sued. If they said hey this patient a bigot racist, we were thinking we would just have you not be his nurse for safety reason etc, that would probably be ok. Really this is a stupid issue to argue when we have some really good ones we could be talking about.
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