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Default Addressing the Running Back Position

I was reading the Denver Post article about Ronnie Hillman and this stat stood out to me:

The team did not score a single rushing touchdown on a run longer than seven yards, and that scoring run came in the season opener against the Steelers.

Out of all the Rb's on the roster I don't see any big play threats. McGahee is an old plugger, Moreno improved last year but still has no speed. Hillman is not quite there yet...he's young and getting comfortable, but doesn't get enough tough yards to rely on every down.

The free agency class is strong at running back:

Steven Jackson is another plugger, but might not have much left. He probably will end up going back to the Rams anyway.

Reggie Bush seems like a perfect fit, as he provides the explosive threat at the position that the broncos are lacking. He can catch passes as well. He might be looking for a lot of money, though.

Rashard Mendenhall powerful and fast. gets tough yards and has big play ability. Coming off an injury and maybe could be had for cheap?

Ahmad Bradshaw tough, solid complimentary runner. would be a great part of a rotation. His big problem is staying healthy.

Looking at the rest of the list, I don't see any other guys who would add much to the lineup. Ideally I'd like them to pick up Bush, and rotate him with McGahee for a thunder and lightning, but maybe I'm just dreaming.

If the prices are too high for the free agent crop (which is likely), they'll probably pick up a guy in the draft. The draft is nowhere near as deep as last year's, but there are a few solid guys.

Eddie Lacy I'm not really sold on. Yeah he's big and pretty athletic, but he's nowhere near the running back that Trent Richardson was coming out of Alabama last year. It's hard for me to get excited about drafting him with a first round pick, which is probably what it would take.

Gio Bernard I expected more watching his tape, he doesn't seem that fast. Not very flashy, but overall solid. Maybe I just haven't seen the right tape.

The best value is in guys like Montee Ball and Christine Michael. I like Ball's make-em-miss ability and production. Michael is a good combination of speed and power and presents game breaker ability. I wasn't impressed at all with Marcus Lattimore. And that's before the injury. He's no Adrian Peterson.

Here's some film of Michael: Look at the full speed cut he makes on the safety at (1:06)

McGahee gets all the tough yards, but is never a threat to break one. Moreno gets some of the tough yards, but is hardly if at all a big play threat. Hillman doesn't get tough yards but has the potential to make big plays.

In my dream world, we'd sign Bush as the lightning to McGahee's thunder. I think the offense lacks the legitimate threat at RB that Peyton has had in the past with Edge and Addai. We have enough money to sign a guy like Bush after cuts. I like Bradshaw though too.

I'd love Hillman to develop into a big time threat this season but I think he's a couple years away, and there's no time to way. What are your guys' thoughts?

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