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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Why don't you ask me to cure cancer while I am at it?

So you admit your so called answers only punish the law abiding.......which for some reason doesn't make sense. If your neighbor got a DUI, should we limit or confiscate your alcohol?

I have said this somewhere else here, at this point, I think for our country to be a totally free society we should be able to own a gun if we want to.

I think something that's sole purpose to destroy should be regulated either by gun owners via the NRA or if gun owners won't or can't regulate themselves the government should.

We do regulate ourselves...when others make the conscious decision to attack innocent people with their handguns, or semi-auto rifles we shoot back at them. We insist that others show respect for guns and use them safely.....

I think every gun owner should go through more testing and training than you go through to get a drivers license.

Really? Cars kill more people than guns fact my guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car has.

I think Gun owners should be required to keep their training current and prove they still have their weapons. They should prove they have locked gun safes and locks and use them.

Again, drunk drivers kill more people than guns should we push for legislation that limits the alcohol own by those who responsibly drink? And since many kids who engage in alcohol abuse get their booze from their parents should we require their parents lock their booze up, and register their bottles of Jack Daniels?

BTW, a Democrat leader pushing for gun locks couldn't get one unlocked while trying to demonstrate how fast one could potentially respond to an intruder.......and guns have several safety could leave the magazine out or if magazine is in, not have a round in the chamber, and if you're locked and loaded, there is the safety....My 1911 has a grip safety, sear disconnect, slide stop, half cock position, and manual safety.....that's basically 5 ways to ensure I don't have an accidental discharge (feel free to make jokes)

I think there should be a tax or yearly licensing that goes toward local police forces. Chicago's problem is an issue of man power. We need more and better police on the streets.

Umm, no...Chicago's problem is the monkeys are running the farm. toughest gun laws in nation and the criminals have no fear......because they know the young co-ed, granny, or the average homeowner isn't packing...not by choice, but because they are being punished and denied their 2nd amendment rights.

I like the idea of public service, I think everyone in the USA should commit time volunteering.

WTF does this have to do with denying law abiding citizens their 2nd amendment right to defend themselves?

We cannot impact our communities by hunkering down in a bugout shipping containers buried in our back yards.

Don't lump doomsday preppers with those of us ordinary law abiding citizens who fear that an over reaching government is a threat to everyone's freedoms....

If you want real change we need to reach youths that are in high risk area's before they "Break Bad". A lot of these kids committing these heinous crimes have grown up without a mentor or authority figure.

It's not my fault or responsibility to teach someone else's child to respect human is my responsibility to protect my family from those who do not respect human life. You liberals love to talk about leaving a better world for the children, but never talk about leaving better children for the world.

Mentoring kids and teaching them to make good decisions is key to turning this around. People who have mental issues need help, not more access to guns.

OK, I've mentored and raised my about telling the rest of the nation to raise and mentor their children. As for people with mental issues.....are you saying we should lock people who have never been violent but have been diagnosed with mental problems? The kid who shot up Sandy Hook was a goofball, and made people feel weird, but prior to going on his shooting rampage, had never displayed any signs of committing the carnage he did......

It is too easy to roll up on a group of kids and shoot into them and drive off. They are totally desensitized to the violence. Could exposure to violent games, music, and movies contribute to this, yes, would having a mentor that instills values that keep these kids on track to succeed in life allow them to know right from wrong? Yes.

So you have no problem with the government taking away your 1st amendment rights?

Would Columbine happened if Klebold and Harris had authority figures or mentors involved in their lives? I don't think so. Will there always be antisocial people who will commit heinous acts? Sadly yes.

so which is it? Would they have been ok if their parents paid more attention to them or are they just those anti-social people who will always commit heinous acts? I'm sure if you look into their history, they had gotten into trouble's not like they were honor society students who all of a sudden snapped. I don't know, but would guess they had brushes with law enforcement or faculty. and it's because of this we shouldn't punish law abiding citizens their 2nd amendment rights.....just as we shouldn't limit your right to free speech because some utters a racially insensitive name, or take away your car because someone else got a DUI.

Do I feel that all guns should be taken away and destroyed? No. I know there are legit gun owners who hunt and eat their kills and are responsible. Is every gun owner responsible? Nope, but that is OK.

Again, one person being irresponsible doesn't make a case to punish those of us who are. some people over eat, some drink too much, and others don't practice safe I should be punished for their actions? You wouldn't like it if the government said you couldn't eat certain foods because your neighbor was fat would you?

I think it comes down to Gun Owners makeing a choice to regulate or ask for regulation on their terms. Do you really need a 30 or even 10 round clip? Why isn't 5 good enough for the avg citizen?

Then wouldn't it make sense that a well trained police officer wouldn't need 15 rounds? so why not limit what cops can carry? Do cops need a 30 round clip on their AR-15's?

If your answer is yes they do need them because they can't possibly know how well-armed the criminals they encounter are, then pray tell how the average citizen/homeowner would know how well armed the clowns who kick in his door would be?

If you feel the need to fire a 30 round semi-auto rifle why not take it to a range where they allow you to use one of their clips, you can shoot up **** and cause mayhem then give them back the clip and go home. The clip stays locked up and accounted for and you get your rocks off.

while going to the gun range is an enjoyable experience for me personally, it is not where I go to "get my rocks off" I go to stay improve my accuracy.....which reduces the chances of my weapons not hitting my target

Why are 17 round hand guns available to the general public? How many rounds is enough? How many rounds do you think you would need in a home invasion before you or the perp is put down?

the average home invasion has 2 or more perps.....very rarely is it one solitary person. As far as how many rounds I would need....who knows...what if 5 guys take a sledge hammer to my door?

I have been watching PBS this week, they have a special series about the Newtown aftermath. Fact is we over react as a society. Why make drastic changes when all we need is change? Putting guns in schools or on everyone's hip is only going to lead to vigilantism and anarchy. If gun owners want to exercise their freedom why not police or regulate themselves?

And you are over want to punish people who obey the laws of gun ownership instead of those who choose to ignore them. Kennesaw GA requires every citizen to own a gun (but don't inspect their resident's homes for compliance) and they haven't turned into OK Corral or anarchy...however chicago with very tough guns laws has.

Invest more in our police force, create stronger security systems (hey if your so worried about home invasion why not buy an alarm system! What a concept)

My taxes are high enough.....and I help my local law enforcement by making sure my domicile is safe because I own for an alarm system....once again, when seconds matter, the police are minutes away. Cops generally show up in time to draw a chalk outline of a body. you remind me of those liberals who have suggested that women should urinate on themselves if sexually assaulted to try and kill the thrill for the rapist.....while I think it's better she pulls out her Glock and makes the rapist piss himself

support our local communities by giving back, be part of the solution not the problem,

How does my owning guns and teaching my kids to respect human life and gun safety, not to mention defending the 2nd amendment (and all the others) make me part of the problem?

Mentor at risk people, invest in more mental health research, fund bigger and better police forces, volunteer in neighborhood watches, anything but add more guns in public.

Vermont has very few gun control laws. Gun dealers are required to keep a record of all handgun sales. It is illegal to carry a gun on school property or in a courthouse. State law preempts local governments from regulating the possession, ownership, transfer, carrying, registration or licensing of firearms

Vermont law does not distinguish between residents and non-residents of the state; both have the same right to carry while in Vermont. The state of Vermont permits the concealed carry of handguns without a permit.

Yes, that's right. In Vermont, you can carry a handgun concealed on your person without obtaining any kind of permit or license.

With that kind of crazy right-wing law in place, the murder rate in Vermont must be through the roof!

Oh no, it's not. The murder rate in Vermont is about 1 per 100,000 of population. That's roughly equivalent to the UK, every liberals' shining example of "common sense gun laws."

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the murder rate is about 16 per 100,000 of population. (These numbers are as of 2010.)

This despite the fact that, until very recently, Chicago completely banned the possession of handguns.

Explain how that's possible please.....

In Bold....
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