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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
So biden promotes buying a firearm & as a result he's anti-2nd amendment.
It's akin to banning the internet and promoting buying a carrier pigeon and saying you're not anti-1st amendment.

Hey, he's not banning communication and ****.

Cut the crap - my GOD Dems even admitted the "assault weapons ban" did nothing and they voluntarily tanked it. Further, if you look at the Mother Jones Magazine "mass shooting study," you'll see that these weapons were only used in 25% of such killings, totaling an average of 7.5 injuries and deaths from "assault weapons" per year over the past 30 years. Mass shootings were and are the flashpoint of pushing for such bans, and yet when we look at the numbers - from liberals themselves - it is shown that this is all a publicity stunt and white knighting bull****.

Over 10,000 a year are killed by drunken drivers yet we hear no similar laws proposed for booze. No, instead the libs are sipping their cocktails and b****ing at the NRA.

I love how intelligent and honest liberals are. What was I thinking quitting the Democratic Party? I should go back on bended knee!
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