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From what I picked up from my tech savy friends, it is nearly impossible to emulate the PS3 on the PS4, which would nix any backwards compatibility.
I kinda doubt Microsoft looks to build backwards compatibility as well going forward, and just market games on Xbox live so essentially, you double pay for games and they make more money. Same with Sony and the PSN.

Someone brought up Final Fantasy, and Sony does not own that franchise. That is Square-Enix. And talking about catering only to certain demographics, that is what got fans into games. Square changing Final Fantasy has turned the backs onto a lot of their fanbase to be honest. They might have gained some other fans, but at what cost?
Some companies just need to stick to what works, and expand on that.

What Sony needs to do is throw money at Kojima and get them to make Metal Gear Ground Zeroes for the PS4 and have it launch with the console. Then hope the games coming out after that are strong enough to hold sales until more titles start coming in.

One thing I don't get is the need to put a touch interface on the controller. Controllers are going to be costly it appears.
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