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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
1. I went to school to become a pilot- ended up starting my own business instead, I know what it takes to fly those jets. Yes, I have logged many flight hours in actual planes and over 200 hours in sims on the DC-10- Boeing 747, A stretch320, and B767.

2. Three of my employees have direct links to UA and Delta? Pilots. One is married to a 747-400 captain and checkpoint. Anothers father is the Co pilot on the 747 and the last one is 777 pilot or co pilot (im not sure-) I think he is with delta

3. I had asked the two of them a week or two ago when this thread first surfaced how hard it would be for someone like myself (with just a bit of training) to take a mid flight jet and fly it into the building. I am not going to tell you what they said but take a guess regarding my stance on the subject.
You need to go back and ask them again. A low speed impact might have been possible for an amateur.

But the impacts on 9/11 were at ~500 mph -- very high speed -- impossible for an amateur pilot.
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