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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Since you just misquoted me.

I can rig a poll to come up with any answer I want. They have been doing it for years. If not,decades. If the FLL want nobama to be ahead in the polls it is a matter of asking the right questions to the targete audience to get the results they want to publish.

So I guess it is you that is living in your own alternate reality.

As I said before the post yoi took out of context wait till after march 5-6 th when some almost million folks are standing in unemployment lines. Because this moron wanted sequestration and now he has it.
Funny how all the polls you and your ilk claimed were doctored prior to the election turned out to be accurate. And, yet, you still cling to these paranoid delusions. Alternate reality, indeed. The results of the election proved that the views of youself and those who think like you reside on the lunatic fringes of society.
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