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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Why No “Realist Caucus” in the GOP Has Emerged


^ This is the thinking of true conservatives. Not the foaming at the mouth nonsense witnessed on Fox News, right wing radio, and from several delusional posters here in the WRP.
More troubling than the lack of a realist caucus is the reality that ten years after the invasion of Iraq so little has changed in the way that national Republicans think and argue about foreign policy. Hard-liners are still employing the same despicable smear tactics that were used against conservative opponents of the war in 2002 and 2003, and they still face no penalty inside their party or the conservative movement for doing so. One would have thought that multiple defeats at the polls, the loss of credibility on foreign policy, and the humiliating failure of the most important policy initiatives of the last administration would shock Republicans into some measure of sanity and sober reflection. Nothing of the sort has happened, and even most of the ostensible insurgent Republicans feel obliged to endorse the party’s prevailing obsessions. The Hagel nomination was a small but important opportunity for Republicans to demonstrate that they were at least capable of improving on these issues, and at least at the level of party and movement leaders they have blown it completely.

That pretty much sums up the modern GOP - They simply jump from one "prevailing obsession" to the next. It's government by hysteria. I don't know if that's ever been tried before. Probably for good reason.
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