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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Here is the problem with the video game industry, specifically AAA console and PC games:

You have a model that is increasingly expensive and hit driven with each leap in technology. It's very difficult for most studios to cover cost because, despite big sales numbers, the audience still isn't big enough to sustain more than a few heavyweights. There are only a handful of studios that don't have to risk everything each time they put out a new game. This reduces risk taking both from funders (publishers) and creators (devs).

The result is an industry that needs to expand its audience to sustain itself but refuses to take the risks necessary to cater to more types of people. It's stuck producing teenage power fantasies that cater to one or two demographics. The smaller the audience the less diversity of perspective / talent 5-15 years down the road. That diversity is necessary to blow things open. At least with film they have a large, global, if a bit battered, independent community and its visibility continues to push people with diverse backgrounds and interests into creative roles. Granted, only a tiny fraction make it but the result is a medium with offerings for everyone.

There is hope in the emergence of "big indies" like That Game Company (Flower, Journey) but there's not enough of this IMO. Hopefully the industry can continue to nurture indies from tiny experimental games to larger scale mid-cost games that have the potential to really grab large swathes of people.

And with that I announce my retirement from the video game industry!
This! That is one of the reason I love Bungie (Marathon,Myth,Halo). Every time they come up with a new video game franchise they leave a huge footprint. They did it with Marathon, I still haven't played a better RTS game than Myth, Myth II (Crazy awesome, and crazy hard). Halo took the FPS in the PC and made it own on a console. (it's thanks to halo that almost all FPS have the same action/button mappings plus the use of both analog sticks). Can't wait for their new game! Pretty sure it will be something that most games will look to imitate or perfectionate. Plus, finally the PlayStation fan base will get to see what an awesome company they are.

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