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Not a picture, but a memory.

On an early December night in 1990 I was on Parris Island for BWT, 10 days in the woods around this abandoned airfield. This was during Desert Shield, so all military bases were blacked out at night. I was assigned gear guard duty while my platoon did a midnight hump.

As I'm sitting alone in the middle of a runway I look up and see a long line of clouds crossing the sky. I thought, "Great probably gonna rain on me." Then I saw it for what is was. It wasn't a cloud, it was stars packed so tightly together it looked like a cloud. I was seeing the Milky Way for the first, and so far, only time in my life with the naked eye. It's cliche to say it took my breath away, but it really did.

Some day I'd like to find a nice quiet spot away from the light pollution and see it again. Really tough to do on the east coast.

Never will forget that night.
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