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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I stand by my point, amended as follows:
The primary reason Freeney would be even considered here is because of his pass rushing skills. Outside of Von, Dumervil and Wolfe kicked in on passing downs, we don't have anyone capable of bringing it on a consistent basis. While we may have been in the top part of the league in sacks, performances were streaky at best and in some big games against good OL, our players were able to be neutralized.

The team also lacks veteran leadership on defense and I think Freeney helps in that regard. I think he would be a good mentor for Von and could even share some tips with Elvis, considering their similar disadvantages in height and shed some light on some good pass rush moves. There is more to it than "having enough pass rushers" -- but yeah, that is a primary factor in signing the guy.

I'm not surprised Manning is courting him, but it sounds like Freeney is destined to play for the G-Men. Says it has been a dream of his. That is fine with me. I can think of about 5-7 guys in the middle part of the draft who can come in and bring heat off the bench that are going to cost us less than a million a year. At some point in time, Denver is going to have to address the end position on the squad for the future.

JDR liked Ayers when he coached him at the Senior Bowl, but who knows how much longer he will be around past his rookie deal. We could sure do better than Jeremy Beal, Jason Hunter, etc. Here is to hoping Malik Jackson can turn into a good role player for the squad! The talent back-up talent at LDE/RDE can certainly be upgraded. That is what I am hoping for in this deep DL draft.
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