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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
anyone have one and/or what do you suggest..

will need to replace a 40 gallon tank unit soon and am shopping for tankless.

Have access to either electric or gas.. can install in the existing area or move it outside..

I have one. It heats the water in our master bathroom using natural gas. We also have a large electric tank heater for most of the house, but part of that his partially heated by our geothermal system. Anyhow, the on demand heater works great. The master shower has multiple sprayers and it stays consistently hot for as long as you like. The heater is tiny and is mounted in a small cabinet in my wife's closet. The only minor inconvenience is the 30-45 second delay from the time the faucet is turned on until the hot water comes out.
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