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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
They do need that. They really have wussified several of the characters. Only Daryl still has any stones left. He's softened but in the kind of way that makes someone more awesome (fighting fFOR something) Tyreese is a bad ass in the comics. Hopefully they let him come in and be awesome.

I don't miss many things about eighties TV, but one thing I do miss is they never ruined a character. They would put them in difficult situations and sometimes even let them have vulnerable moments and grow, but they were always still awesome. a great example is Captain Picard. He was basically raped by the Borg and had all this bagage he had to deal with, but he was still awesome and even used that anger to do awesome things.
Picard wasn'nt raped you know he wanted it - I mean the way he paraded around in those hip hugging red pajamas....
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