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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Nope. It's like a fat person who can lose 100 pounds easy but when somebody in shape wants to lose that last 10 pounds it's a MF'er. hahaha

Seriously though, who knows what will happen. The 2 main things we need to master, IMO, are fusion and magnetic fields. Fusion for the energy to propel you through space at light speed and the magnetic fields to protect you from radiation and micro asteroids. You've got to be able to generate pseudo gravity, atmospheric pressure, water generation, food supply. And you've got roughly a few million years to get it done because our Sun will most likely be going into Red Giant phase by then.

I love this crap man, one of my favorite past times. We should have a sticky all offseason long with fun discussions on this topic.

From what I understand, the sun's increasing luminosity will destroy the atmosphere, evaporate water and bake the earth's crust to the point continental drift will no longer be possible. A billion or so years after that, the sun eats up the last of its fuel, turns into a red giant, and then ultimately a white dwarf.

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