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Originally Posted by Missouribronc View Post
This is bull.

The prices have fluctuated wildly despite policies and whose in power. Within less than a month I've paid less than 3 bucks for gas and today I paid $3.79.

To blame it on the President is idiotic.

His energy policies are, in fact, wildly stupid based on infrastructure and impact, but to say that directly causes gas prices is also inaccurate.
so you are saying that if millions of acres of federally owned land were available for drilling, the keystone pipeline were up and running Anwar as well as EPA restrictions could be lifted, that Refineries could be built and last but not least the redistribution of farm products, that it would have zero effect on prices of gasoline, diesel and natural gas?

oh throw in his war on coal and the power plants that have been shut down, which means billions of cubic feet of natural gas have been diverted to run, would also have zero effect on our cost of living?

I doubt you can say with a straight face that any or all of these measures that the dumocrats have put into place over the past couple of decades really have done nothing but raise prices..

MO it is supply and demand, if there is more locally produced product we do not have to but it elsewhere, there is lower transportation costs and more jobs in the USA, all of which would HELP to keep the costs down..
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