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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Would you feel the same way if a patient asked for no Male nurses? (hint: it happens all the time)
Holy shlt man. Not meaning to change the subject but this reminds me of when I had my surgery a couple years ago.

I had this female nurse and she was great. Sweet sweet lady. And she was there the first 5 days I was recovering. But they had to put a catheter in me. Now I am the type of guy that would choose death over having to put that in me on a regular basis. But they said there was no choice. And I was flat out freaked out. So what I did was asked for the highest dosage of pain killers they could give me. Then I requested a male nurse put the catheter in, my line of thinking being if a guy had to stick a tube up my peehole, he would be much more sensitive to my situation than a woman. They honored this request, and I was so doped up anyway that I didn't feel a thing. Just being a big baby.

Now my question is, if this female nurse wanted to, could she sue the hospital for gender discrimination?
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