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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Perhaps it is not blaming just one party.

Yet nobamas stand on anything carbon based is IMO killing the economy. Shutting down the coal industry before they have viable answers in place is doing. Nothing but driving up costs..
Taking a huge part of the food industry out of the food market place and mandating ethanol is driving up costs for beef and chicken.

Not allowing drilling on federal lands, turning coal country into national wide life refuges (cliton)

Wasting time on keystone.

No new refinery being built since God only knows.

Yep all of those things are causing prices to rise.
This is bull.

The prices have fluctuated wildly despite policies and whose in power. Within less than a month I've paid less than 3 bucks for gas and today I paid $3.79.

To blame it on the President is idiotic.

His energy policies are, in fact, wildly stupid based on infrastructure and impact, but to say that directly causes gas prices is also inaccurate.
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