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Originally Posted by errand View Post
In bold
Why don't you ask me to cure cancer while I am at it?

I have said this somewhere else here, at this point, I think for our country to be a totally free society we should be able to own a gun if we want to.

I think something that's sole purpose to destroy should be regulated either by gun owners via the NRA or if gun owners won't or can't regulate themselves the government should.

I think every gun owner should go through more testing and training than you go through to get a drivers license. I think Gun owners should be required to keep their training current and prove they still have their weapons. They should prove they have locked gun safes and locks and use them.

I think there should be a tax or yearly licensing that goes toward local police forces. Chicago's problem is an issue of man power. We need more and better police on the streets.

I like the idea of public service, I think everyone in the USA should commit time volunteering. We cannot impact our communities by hunkering down in a bugout shipping containers buried in our back yards. If you want real change we need to reach youths that are in high risk area's before they "Break Bad". A lot of these kids committing these heinous crimes have grown up without a mentor or authority figure. Mentoring kids and teaching them to make good decisions is key to turning this around. People who have mental issues need help, not more access to guns. It is too easy to roll up on a group of kids and shoot into them and drive off. They are totally desensitized to the violence. Could exposure to violent games, music, and movies contribute to this, yes, would having a mentor that instills values that keep these kids on track to succeed in life allow them to know right from wrong? Yes. Would Columbine happened if Klebold and Harris had authority figures or mentors involved in their lives? I don't think so. Will there always be antisocial people who will commit heinous acts? Sadly yes.

Do I feel that all guns should be taken away and destroyed? No. I know there are legit gun owners who hunt and eat their kills and are responsible. Is every gun owner responsible? Nope, but that is OK.

I think it comes down to Gun Owners makeing a choice to regulate or ask for regulation on their terms. Do you really need a 30 or even 10 round clip? Why isn't 5 good enough for the avg citizen? If you feel the need to fire a 30 round semi-auto rifle why not take it to a range where they allow you to use one of their clips, you can shoot up **** and cause mayhem then give them back the clip and go home. The clip stays locked up and accounted for and you get your rocks off.

Why are 17 round hand guns available to the general public? How many rounds is enough? How many rounds do you think you would need in a home invasion before you or the perp is put down?

I have been watching PBS this week, they have a special series about the Newtown aftermath. Fact is we over react as a society. Why make drastic changes when all we need is change? Putting guns in schools or on everyone's hip is only going to lead to vigilantism and anarchy. If gun owners want to exercise their freedom why not police or regulate themselves?

Invest more in our police force, create stronger security systems (hey if your so worried about home invasion why not buy an alarm system! What a concept) support our local communities by giving back, be part of the solution not the problem, Mentor at risk people, invest in more mental health research, fund bigger and better police forces, volunteer in neighborhood watches, anything but add more guns in public.
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