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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Don't a lot of criminals get guns by stealing them from gun owners?

Probably......but once again, you have all kinds of ideas to keep law abiding citizens from owning guns and ammo....I still haven't heard you tell us how you will keep guns out of criminal's hands.

If this guy didn't know he had it on him would he have missed it if someone stole his bag?

You can't possibly believe he was telling the truth that he "forgot" the gun was in his bag....he went into self preservation mode and lied that "I dunno how it got there officer..."

The only safe gun is a gun locked in a safe. will you favor a bill that makes home invaders give me a 3 minute window to get my guns out of my safe? And what kind of punishment do think they should get if they disobey that law?

Hell recently a professional military sniper gets shot at a gun range which are supposed to be the safest places to fire a gun!

Yes...sad story indeed. But fewer shootings happen at gun ranges or gun shows than in those "gun free" zones you to explain that?

If you really have the need to own one you should be tested an licensed like you do at the DMV only more testing and more regulations.

conceal carry citizens go through a course, and most if not all gun owners practice shooting at the gun ranges many times during the year (which is the main reason many gun owners have more than 10 rounds of ammo on hand). In fact I went just this past weekend....and like I've said, many of this nation's gun owners have been raised around guns, have been taught to respect guns and how to handle them, and many are ex-military or law enforcement too.

Again, you demand we go through all the hoops and rings of fire, but you still haven't told me when the drive by shooting class is taking new students.

Maybe then the dolts who "forget" they are walking around with a deadly weapon would be weeded out.

Maybe if we weeded out those who choose to make rape, robbery and murder a career choice and make it tougher for those criminals to get out of prison and resume their careers you would see fewer people feel the need to carry a weapon for self defense....
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