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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Whatever dude. You would know he has played injured the last 2 years. Plus he switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4, which he played on a bum ankle from early in the season. I would take a healthy Freeny over a healthy Abraham any day of the week!!!

I bet you whatever you want that he will make more than 6mil per year.
I do know he had played hurt. Abraham is way closer to a complete DE then Freeney ever was. Hell Abraham had 7 PD's last year alone. Freeney has 15 his whole career

The Giants are on the list of teams that want him and they are over the cap, and Denver right now as we sit without cutting players can't really give him 6 million a year. So of the teams on that list that leaves the Vikings.

That 6 million dollars a year you keep talking about means nothing to me. He could sign for 3 years for 30 million dollars with only a 3 million dollar signing bonus. Even if they pay him 4 million the first season, 5 the second and 21 the last year you win even though he will be cut before reaching that third year.

PS even JA is rumored to be a cap casualty because of his base.

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