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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
So is it enough for the hospital to fire all personnel that had any involvement with this situation and then offer the nurse an apology at an open press conference for all to see.

Or on the other hand is the only thing that will make this right is to award the nurse with a large amount of cash?
To my knowledge, the plaintiff doesn't have a whole lot to do with the amount of damages awarded once it goes to trial, so as far as what would be enough for the courts to decide, it's not really my place to decide.

As far as a settlement goes, I wouldn't settle for anything less than:

- Formal public apology and explanation
- Disciplinary action for those involved
- Establishment of education program on applicable employment law for all employees involved
- Wages from now until retirement age
- Continued health benefits
- Accrued retirement time and benefits resulting thereof during retirement
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