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TJ Ward

I'm lovin the Steelers being well over the cap and having some big players to sign...and probably won't be able to, plus they are getting old.

I think the Ravens are very lucky to have won the SB because I do believe they are at the end of their rope. Give Flacco all that money, I will bet they regret it in the end. A good defense can make any QB look decent, see Trent Dilfer, Jeff Hostetler, Brad Johnson etc.

Although I will not find it to be a big story I hope the media is clamoring to figure out what's wrong with the Pats and we get to see Bill and Tom's frowns often.

I wonder how long before the story of Jay not getting along with Trestman takes to come out.

I'm glad the Manning watch is over and we can look at free agency from day 1 this year. I'm also glad it's Elway doing the looking so it's a big story.

I hope a big story is our first pick and it's a defensive one and we're doing cartwheels at the end of the season for this pick, ala Von Miller.

The biggest stories will be who KC, Oakland, and San Diego pick up or draft to take them to that "off season" SB. It will only be a big story to their fans.

I hope Mannings nerve injury doesn't hamper his ability to lift that Lombardi on February 4, 2014.
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