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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
I've never been banned for anything that's defined in the guidelines, first of all.

Second of all, it's not necessarily just a flame war if the action is continually repeated which instigates further comments. Req will troll threads all day long with insults, drive bys, etc but then is not bashful about reporting posts to the mod team. The mods catering to a troll who is in violation of the DEFINED guidelines is just impossible to wrap my brain around.

Finally, I don't often attract the mods attention myself. As was stated in this thread, it's always about the report button. Which... hmm.. is ALSO in the guidelines under the 'your first step should be to put someone that's bothering you on ignore' but, again, that's overlooked.

So, go on, tell me more about how the mod system works...
You've also never received an unjustified ban.

Persistently referring to any other poster with a pejorative term such as "little b****" is not going to be deemed acceptable. While saying it once "might" be ok (it would depend on the context of the remark), making it a habit is easily recognized as aggressive provocation of another poster; an (unsuccessful) attempt to goad him into a retaliatory violation of forum rules.

Requiem has been banned in the past and any time he violates forum rules, action has been and will be taken.

Again... "use your head" and place the posters whose posts annoy you on ignore.

Side note: Bashing the moderator team is not going to be tolerated either.
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