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Matt Elam reminds me so much of Reggie Nelson. He's a good hitter and solid coverage but a bit to small to be a prime time hitter to me. Lester kinda reminds me of a straight up box safety. He's no that good in deep coverage but a big hitter. We need a guy that can cover with range and an agressive hitter like Eric Reid. Besides I think Elam will be gone by the time our second round comes up and Lester will be there in the 3rd (where I would like to get a RB).
I also want to take a RB, so I am with you there. But I wouldn't say Lester is just a big hitting box safety at all. Actually I think he is quite the opposite and scouting reports that I have read agree. He had 8 INT's two years ago and 4 more last year. If he is there in the 4th I say we absolutely should take him, and if he is there in the 3rd then we should still even take a good look at him.

I will admit though that I don't know much about Eric Reid, but scouting reports that I have read say that he really needs to improve on his pass coverage skills for the NFL. So it's almost opposite to what you have said.

I want a DT, CB, RB, MLB, Safety, WR, O-line in this draft... and I would rank it in that order as far as importance for us to improve this next year. Wouldn't you agree?

I know the sting of Rahim Moore is still fresh in everyone's mind, but I KNOW he is better than that... just had the worst play of his life at the worst moment. So I don't think safety is a HUGE need for Denver this year.
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