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Spencer Larsen

I think free agency is a whole will be pretty frantic this year, especially early on. A lot of teams are over the cap still and very few teams are looking to use the franchise tag. I think we will see a larger than usual number of starter level players hit free agency from expiring contracts or be cut for salary cap purposes. Several teams are going to have to look to improve and I think there is a general consensus that the salary cap is not going to explode within the next 2 seasons so I think we will see fewer teams handing out big contracts like candy because they know that the dead money they will incur in a few years on those deals will be brutal.

I think several teams with some cap space and ambition like the Broncos, will try to make a lot of plays for servicable starters who will settle for 1 or 2 year deals like the one Tracey Porter got - it will be interesting to see how many players are willing to take that chance. Outside of the WR position there is not a lot of top talent though, Bowe and Wallace will be heavily courted, I have Wallace going to Miami for a much bigger contract than he deserves and Bowe ending up with the Browns.
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