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Sry... but say what you want about Te'o. He could have done an elaborate scam, he could be gay, but anything you say doesn't take away that he can play. If Te'o makes it to our pick and we don't rush to the podium, the entire FO should be thrown out!!!

Te'O would be a perfect fit in our defense.
His own teammates at Notre Dame were quoted. One said he was a "drama queen" another one said he was a "good actor" He is talented, but there is some people questioning his speed. He finished like 70th in the nation in tackles for a loss. I read one report where he leaves his feet too early on tackles.

The one thing he has is the 7 ints. One was literally thrown right in his chest and 4 were tipped at the LOS.

I would not be surprised if he was drafted by the Bills. I would not be surprised if Denver took him and I won't be surprised when he slips to the 2nd round.

Like I said the combine can destroy a guy and when he goes in their feeding them his line of BS about what happened, I think some teams will even pass on him in the 2nd round.

That is why he is the greatest story of the off-season.
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