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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
They already did revenue (taxes) with 0 cuts attached. The sequester was put in place as a compromise to balance the increases that already happened.

Last time, Obama essentially said, "we'll put a deadline on making future cuts so you guys can agree to these tax increases now. Then we'll figure out how to make cuts before the sequester deadline."

Now he wants to ignore the deadline he set to pretend like he's starting all over again with the first round of tax increases off the table. It can't work that way. Either Obama can propose or support a plan to replace the cuts he already agreed to, or he can watch them take effect.

And they're really not all that significant anyway.

Yeah Obama just needs something to blame the **** economy on. Bush is getting old, Congress getting old, he will now blame the sequester.

he got his tax raise and still he's not happy.
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