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whats funny is things i have been talking about. A territorial corp tax system was talked about by Obama a bit in State of the Union. Really its a huge huge issue and at the root of our biggest problem. How to react to this new economy where the world is the stage. Our companies are making money overseas, paying tax overseas, using loopholes and exemptions to then leave the money overseas.

How do we get some of that revenue back to the USA, some of it into th govt tax coffers, without making it impossible for our corporations to compete with China and Europe. The election is over its time to come back to sanity and find points from both sides to make deals and move forward. Obama not really doing that he decided he wants to cash in political capital and go for the throat with his left wing agenda.

He's no Bill Clinton, Reagan, or even Bush SR or JR when it comes to compromise and doing whats right for our economy. He pushes ideology over economic progress.
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