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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Dems have no issues with having some spending cuts,but any deal is going to have to include revenue.
You just raised taxes and repubs went along with it. How many times do you have to raise tax? And why do you want loopholes closed for oil who actually do something for the country but have no problem with facebook paying 0 tax and getting loopholes up the ass?

You just raised payroll tax and income tax on rich families. Revenue has been increased. And you got a debt limit raise also in there for a bit of time. Now its time to make some cuts and come through with your end of it.

Then after the dust settles maybe some more deals can be made on certain loopholes in the tax code, the corp tax being lowered, a territorial tax being considered etc.

Ridiculous Peace be reasonable and say he repubs caved on some taxes, lets give them some cuts and avoid sequester.

Then when the next battle looms both sides try and get something again.
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