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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
, yes a sequester that was forced by reps taking the debt ceiling hostage.

BTW,Republican house leader john boehner said this about the sequester: "I got 98% of what I wanted in the sequester" a sequester that 173 house reps voted for.
What happened in the real world was this. Obama would not make any cuts to spending and wanted to raise taxes. A bipartisan commission was created to look for ways to cut spending and raise revenue. They could not come to an agreement because repubs would not raise taxes without spending cuts. While dems would gladly raise taxes without spending cuts.

So the whitehouse realizing that the liberals would not agree to cut any spending floated the idea of sequester. Repubs saw it as finally something that in the end will lead to cuts in spending. Either through an agreement or through the sequester.

If Obama gets a budget through with spending cuts then sequester is averted. If not then sequester happens. The liberals though are still refusing to make any cuts they have to take responsibility for.

Even though dems in power they still refuse to accept the mantle of leadership when it comes to the budget. They have taken the lead on social issues but that is it.

So here we are facing sequester. It was Obamas idea and his leadership has failed the country.
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