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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
He is better than Worthy and Still. He is not working out at the combine. I don't really worry about his age, nor the age of those he faced. He regularly beats his man and that is what counts. At a good physical level and has the ability to contribute immediately. I don't see him as a Broderick Bunkley either. As I said, what he is best at isn't what we are necessarily looking for in our defense.
I'll check him out a little closer. What I've seen (and based on his body size), he's a 1-gapping UT...exactly what Wolfe is best at. It almost seems like he's a slightly shorter Derek Wolfe-type player. So both would be 5-techs? Doesn't sound optimal for two guys who have the athletic ability to get penetration off the snap. Guess we'll find out this offseason what the long term plan is for this Defense.

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I don't have a problem with John Jenkins, but conditioning is a concern for me. Mental grasp of the game too. I want to see how he weighs in at the combine as well compared to Senior Bowl week. Don't know if he is going to be an all-world difference maker. Could probably get players later who would offer the same sort of value.
Jenkins is kinda like a Dontari Poe, and it sounded like Fox was high on him last year (from an interview). At least you know with a guy like that, he would require a double-team (theoretically)...which is something that Vickerson can't do.

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