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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
He has two-gapping experience, but he is a premier UT in the NFL as a 3-tech rushing the passer. The same goes for Short, who is probably my favorite player in the draft.
The problem with Kawann Short, is that he is 24 years old (he's actually older than Derek Wolfe).

It's tough to get a bead on how good he is, because he's often matched up against players who are 2 and 3 years younger than him (in college). I'm not even sure he's better than other younger prospects last year (like Jerel Worthy or Devon Still).

A lot depends on how fast he runs, and how much he lifts at the combine. My question is: is Kawann Short, just another Brodrick Bunkley? If so, the Broncos may be better served to draft a bigger NT (like John Jenkins), who by his mere size would generate an automatic double-team (theoretically). What are your thoughts?
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