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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Floyd would be awesome, but Walter has him seriously underrated. A lot of people have him going in the Top 15 now and an article from NFP stated that around 10 personnel people in the NFL believe that and some feel he could even go Top 10. Some think he can be as good as Warren Sapp. That is high praise. He has two-gapping experience, but he is a premier UT in the NFL as a 3-tech rushing the passer. The same goes for Short, who is probably my favorite player in the draft.

Nobody can be for sure who the Broncos like or who they will choose, but I have a feeling they will go after some big-bodied players or those who have had NT experience in college that translates well into what we do here. A few names of middle to late round guys who would could work here in our rotation:

Corey Grissom, Brandon Williams, Omar Hunter (Gators NT, Floyd's teammate), Kwame Geathers and T.J. Barnes. I have concerns about the conditioning of the last two, but I think these guys would be good fits here. Obviously I want a high impact guy, but we will probably ignore drafting a DT at one of the best drafts for it all-time.
i wouldn't say he has him underrated. he's projected about right before the combine. he was a 2nd or 3rd before the last 6-7 weeks of the season. and the bowl game vs Louisville really propelled him further up boards.
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