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Due to some interesting report this post emails from this thread, I am feeling compelled to post this, yet again, as a reminder about this particular subforum:

Goooo "team that reflects my political ideology!" WARNING! This is a loosely moderated forum. Frankly, moderating political discussions is about as fun as sitting in on Raider court proceedings.

This is the descriptor for the WRP forum. This forum is loosely moderated BECAUSE it is a religion and politics subforum. The mods will not handhold certain posters because other posters are being mean to them.

Which brings me to another reminder for certain posters, from the OM Guidelines:

Moderators are volunteers who have demonstrated a love for the Denver Broncos, as well as the Orange Mane community at large. They are tasked with being the standard bearers of this community – though they are all fallible. The mods are just people who love the Broncos, love this discussion forum, and are trying to do the best they can with the tools they have. If you never have anything nice to say about a mod, then you probably shouldn’t say anything at all – and frankly, you might consider finding another community where you think the mods and guidelines are more to your liking. This forum is not going to tolerate the faithful servants of this forum being publically ridiculed for their service any more than it will tolerate the posters being punished arbitrarily. We strive for balance in everything we do – and most of the time, we succeed (nobody is perfect).

We now go back to your regularly scheduled slap fight.

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