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Thanks for narrowing it.

It might explain why some choose to ignore some text, but it is very thin. It's more of a 'suggestion' and says nothing about homophobia.
Not sure if you really mean homophobia, or if you meant homosexuality here. If you mean homophobia, I think you're right. But being afraid of anything/anyone wasn't really Jesus' style, and I think he'd obviously preach against irrational fear and/or shunning anyone just because they practice something you don't agree with.

As for the rest, you have to think through Jesus' teaching as a whole, in addition to the understanding of his day. Homosexuality was pretty universally condemned back in those days, and Jesus didn't spend a ton of time being Captain Obvious and restating things which everyone pretty much already believed.

He was on record drawing a very hard line on adultery, which almost nobody meets (myself included) And in Matthew 19 he reiterates Genesis in regards to God joining one man and one woman.

In this context, and the context of the prevailing wisdom of the time he lived, it's ridiculous to think that Jesus would've bothered saying anything about homosexuality, unless he thought something was wrong with that prevailing wisdom. Or thought about another way, when Acts talks about sexual immorality, that should be taken as immorality as they would've defined it. Not how society decides to define it on any given day.

If the fact that Jesus was silent on this is evidence of anything, it's evidence of the opposite of what you're saying. But in my thinking, Jesus tended to preach on what he encountered. It's hard to imagine him running into that situation, considering the sexually-reserved (repressed? ) nature of the culture he lived in.

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