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Published on Aug 21, 2011
"Without an inner revolution an outer one is futile. The inner revolution provides a compass that guides the outer actions. Without this we run the risk of derailing ourselves. The result would be losing sight of the goal, separation and ultimately becoming the very thing we once stood against."

1) Knowledge - Empower yourself. Without knowledge our good intentions may be misguided by our ignorance. Explore, learn, teach.

2) Independence - Fighting against a system you are dependent on is futile.
Where possible, detach from the system and become independent (This includes physically, mentally and spiritually). As you withdraw your dependence you will weaken the power structure.

3) Communication - Bridge the gap. Share information.
Be clear. Communicate effectively and say what you mean.

4) Think - Independent minds are the key. A group of individuals working for a common goal is far more effective than a flock following orders.

5) Act - Be brave and act with intention, integrity and determination. Always consider the implications of your actions and who they will affect.

6) Respect - Respect and support your fellow man. This includes those entangled in the system that oppresses us. You are fighting for their freedom as much as your own. They are brainwashed, conditioned, indoctrinated. Open their eyes, teach them a lesson and cripple the corrupted system...but do it with integrity and non-violence.

7) Freedom - You have the right to express yourself; your views, ideas and opinions. Allow others that same right. If you stand against censorship, then do not censor. If you want to be respected, then respect others. If you want to be heard, then hear others. Wherever there is oppression sow the seeds of liberation.

8) Create - You have the ability to bring powerful imaginings into existence. Dream, then find a tangible way to make it happen. Contribute unique ideas, inventions, artwork, music, systems and writing. Take apart the corrupted system and Co-Create a new world.
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