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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Realistically what team wouldn't be interested in a guy who averages over 100 catches a year.

And if this is true, Belicheat's ego and belief in his supposed greatness is getting out of hand. He is going to keep letting stars walk and then find himself screwed.
one of the reasons he gets 100 catches a year is prior to the BIG TE's coming to town Brady had few other choices to throw to..

do not get me wrong he is a great player I suspect had Decker or DT not been on the team Stokley would have been getting as much attention as Welker does..

As far as Belicheck is concerned he has a very well oiled machine and is OK with folks leaving IF they want to much money..

Rarely has that hurt the team.. Seymour probably being the biggest exception..

They have so much talent that someone else steps up.. But that is what happens when you draft well and pick up cheap old timers that want to play for a good team and have a chance at getting a ring..
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