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Ryan Clady

Lol. Most of these movies/tv shows make absolutely no ****ing sense. If there really was a zombie outbreak, it would be the least intimidating, least scary, and easiest "apocalypse" scenario for an advanced modern military to deal with.

White house orders would probably be to secure all military bases at any cost, if civilians try to break in for weapons, they would get shot on the spot at 50 yards away to prevent any type of "zombie over running" garbage that you see in the movies.

Places would get cut off, quarantined, entire population centers would be neutralized or at the very least anyone trying to leave said population centers would get shot at a distance to prevent "spreading".

The #1 thing i would be afraid of as a civilian in a zombie apocalypse aint some stupid brainless monster, its the US military bombing every inch of the infested location clean in 1 hour. You think people are so ****ing stupid as to react to a giant infestation that spreads through wounds, blood, water, or air, as to send Search and Rescue teams and risk lives?

LMAO. No. Not in that situation, in that situation, the place gets bombed flat, like nuclear, like ASAP. See what they did with the SARS virus in China? If there is even a chance that you as a human being might be infected with something that spreads rapidly, you will be treated as cattle, PERIOD. And if it makes you a risk to the lives of others, you will be shot or bombed instantly.

Therefore, I'd find a baSeimiant/bomb shelter, ****ing fast, when the entire city is rubble and everyone's dead, they'll probably come in for the actual search and rescue with orders that aren't STK on site.

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