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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by mkporter View Post
A few points:
a) I don't give a **** about what you are willing to accept from me on anything.
b) My comments were in response to your declaration that people were right to be paranoid about their guns because of Obama. You apparently started reading (or at least started highlighting) after I stated this point directly. I noted that Obama has shown absolutely no desire to do anything about gun control, despite many high profile gun related mass killings. I ask again, why should people be paranoid about Obama and their guns?
c) Again, please note, I didn't make the argument that restricting gun rights was the correct answer to the mass killings, only that the political pressure caused by these events makes gun control discussions inevitable and unavoidable. The response would pretty much have been the same with W. still in the white house.

Exactly. So a discussion of where the line should be should not be considered so radical. No one is suggesting we go and take everyone's guns away. Some people are just asking if a Bushmaster AR-15 with a 30 round magazine falls into the category of weapons you listed above.

Valid point. I was being a little hyperbolic to demonstrate a point, and I over stated.

And here's where you lose me again. If the purpose of owning a weapon is to protect yourself from the federal government, then you're fighting a losing battle. You've already ceded the rights above to own firepower that might help you in anyway against the feds. A fed comes knocking, and you shoot him? You are finished. Plain and simple.

The protections against our government turning tyrannical are not contained in the second amendment. They are contained in the right to vote, the checks and balances in the three branches of government, civilian leadership of the military, the freedom of speech and assembly, and the due process of law. The second amendment was written at a time when we didn't have a strong national military, and external threats required that we had "well-regulated" militias.

I'd also like to point out that you've refused at every turn to discuss the math I presented on the bullet purchase (you know, your original outrage), and at this point, I will only accept a response from you on this. Otherwise we have nothing to discuss.
I think you and I are on the same page. I AM Trying to do Public Service locally by joining boards of an old historic school houe from 1872 on through 1960. and by joining the board as President of the Friends of the Library.

We promote culture and history without manging to shoot things or blow them up real good. It is an honor learning what the older docents did during their younger days. and how these historic houses were spared and kept for my child to come across them and get interested in helping out.

Very fun, We just had a great open house last Sunday while I am guessing gun owners were oiling up their guns.
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