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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
John Henderson and Marcus Stroud were great big bodied DTs that dominated. Shariff Floyd is of the same mold. JDR is still def. cord in Denver and if Floyd is there at #28 I can almost promise you he will be a Bronco.
No, Floyd is Warren Sapp 3 technique quick with strength. Stroud and Henderson were Enormous run Stuffers with power, just like I said JDR likes his DT's. He modeled it after Siragusa and Sam Adams in BAL. Those dudes were quick in a phone booth, but not one gap penetrators like Sapp and Floyd.

If Floyd is there at 28, I gaurantee he would be the BPA by a large margin, and therefore he would hopefully be DEN's pick. However, I would be Shocked if he made it to 28.

The point of all of this still stands though. A real MIKE is a leader who elevates the defense and makes it play better than the sum of its parts. A 3 down player who commands the huddle and is balanced in Run and pass. That is why MIKE's are so damn important. DT's can be dominant, CB's can be dominant, and DE and OLB's can be dominant. However, A dominant MIKE is almost impossible to scheme out of the game. Drop a dominant MIKE in this defense and it takes the next step. ELITE level defense. One that has no more true weakness. Hell even Moore was not a weakness last year, just not a strength and an idiot with the biggest game of his life on the line.

Drop a dominant MIKE who can rush, play the run, and cover and there is no better investment to make this Defense dominant for 60 minutes.
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