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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
It won't change regardless of the mike backer.

Von is the centerpiece. We adjust our DL AND our LBs to put him in advantageous situations.

When he gets stonewalled by Baltimore, we're ****ed.
You really think the scheme would not change if we had a real 3-down MLB? I think it would. As it is right now, the scheme is compensating for the lack of a 3-down MLB.

It's a whole different discussion about what they were trying to do on D in the Balt playoff game, JDR changed all kinds of things. Miller was not attacking, more playing back in coverage, and Balt went right the whole day for their big plays. They didn't go left side at all, they went right all day. JDR didn't try to switch Elvis to the left side to give Balt a different look.

Maybe they couldn't have stopped Balt no matter what they did, but I'm saying the D scheme would have been helped with a real 3-down MLB.
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