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So me having concerns about a player for not being very bright equals me pinning the "cancer" label on him? I have concerns about Lacy not running in the combine due to another injury. I guess that means I think he is injury prone as well.
By all accounts Lacy has good character, and but not high aptitude test intelligence. Tebow wasn't smart either, but was universally regarded as a high character guy. If Lacy was white, would you have the same concerns?

All I was saying is you can't judge a guy's character based off an SAT or Wonderlic score. Maurice Clarett got a 20 on the wonderlic. Adrian Peterson got an 18. Does this mean Clarett is smarter, therefore makes better decisions?

The less intelligent guys are more likely to make boneheaded decisions, perhaps. But what is the measure of intelligence? The aptitude tests that are given to college athletes don't measure decision making abilities, or street smarts. It measures book smarts. And running back is one of the few positions in the NFL where a guy without much book smarts can be successful, because it's so instinctive.

You can't assume a guy will have a character problem when he has never gotten in trouble with the law. There's no precedent.
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