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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
I suppose these happen pretty often, "great defense = Mike leader," "average defense = 2-down thumper." But this team is different ... Miller's a DPOY candidate, and Woodyard graded out the best 4-3 pass coverage OLB in the league this year. So why worry about finding some every down Mike-leader when he's just gonna take snaps away from our best playmakers?

Mays and Brooking are thumpers, and we finished with the #3 defense in the league.
A 3-down MLB won't take snaps away from Woodyard and Miller. The point about finding a 3-down MLB is you can keep him in to cover middle zones most of the time instead of trotting in new secondary groups to replace the 2-down thumper.

And pretty importantly, you don't have to transfer the green dot to somebody else to call the plays. Which would you like to have, one man wearing the green dot 85-90% of the time, or two different guys aligning the defense, 60-40 split?

Seems to me you'd want one guy wearing the green dot as the leader of the defense as much as you can.
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