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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
No, that is NOT how JDR likes his DT to play. The DT's are big bodied cloggers who can get interior bull rushing on pass plays. They are not one gap pentrators like some teams use. DEN focus's inside out DL play, meaning they clog the middle and force the play outside.

Would a guy like Sharrif Floyd upgade the DL, yes. However, using him as two gapping run stuffer is a complete waste of his talents. Bust worthy waste of his talents

There are a LOT of big bodied DT's that will be available in the 3-5 rounds. That's the kind of DT's JDR has always used. Elite pass rushing, penetrating DT's is not the scheme JDR has favored over the years. He favors the Clog the inside and force the run to the LB speed. He also likes more athletic LB's who can cover versus thumpers.
The days of Stroud and Henderson starting for JDR in Jacksonville were thier best years. They both averaged about 3.5 sacks/year each in a run heavy NFL, but they were very disruptive. If they weren't collapsing the pocket or penetrating, they were batting down passes. I don't know how much Jaguars football you watched back then Med, but thier defense was built around those 2. The year that Kris Jenkins played for him in Carolina, he had 7 sacks.

I'm not arguing that JDR likes the bigger 1 gap Dtackles, I'm just saying that his best defenses come when those guys can get to the QB as well as plug. Brandon Williams out of Missouri Southern is the type of guy that could come in and give JDR that interior pass rushing presence. If you build up this interior line, you can still have a great defense with an average MLB lining up between Von and Woodyard/Tevathan.
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