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No, that is NOT how JDR likes his DT to play. The DT's are big bodied cloggers who can get interior bull rushing on pass plays. They are not one gap pentrators like some teams use. DEN focus's inside out DL play, meaning they clog the middle and force the play outside.

Would a guy like Sharrif Floyd upgade the DL, yes. However, using him as two gapping run stuffer is a complete waste of his talents. Bust worthy waste of his talents

There are a LOT of big bodied DT's that will be available in the 3-5 rounds. That's the kind of DT's JDR has always used. Elite pass rushing, penetrating DT's is not the scheme JDR has favored over the years. He favors the Clog the inside and force the run to the LB speed. He also likes more athletic LB's who can cover versus thumpers.
John Henderson and Marcus Stroud were great big bodied DTs that dominated. Shariff Floyd is of the same mold. JDR is still def. cord in Denver and if Floyd is there at #28 I can almost promise you he will be a Bronco.
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