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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
I believe Med was emphasizing a 3-down MLB, a guy that can drop into coverage as well as play the run, and is savvy enough to make calls at the LOS.

I bet JDR would love to have a 3-down MLB so he doesn't have to adjust so much to cover for the 2-down MLB. Trouble is as people have pointed out the 3-down MLB just doesn't come around too often. To get one you have to spend a high draft pick if there is even one available in the draft. They don't come open in FA, that's for sure.
It's this^^^^

DEN does not need Penetrating One gap DT's in this scheme, it needs big bodied 2 gappers with a little wiggle. Monsters who can clog the middle agaisnt the run, and bull rush the interior pocket and get teh QB off the mark inot the outside pass rush. When you protect the MIKE with big DT's he can flow to the run plays with little trouble, ie OG's getting in the way.

As I said earlier, the MLB can be smaller in stature with greater lateral quickness like Arthur Brown, Khaseem Greene, and Beauharnias. They can flow to the ball in the run game, and not get smashed by pulling OG's in the power run game. They also get inot the hole quickly and stop it from being a gaping hole.

Then, they can also cover zone underneath and Man. This is what you need in today's NFL. Very Rarely do you get the 6'4 255 guy who can run like Urlacher when he was coming out in the draft.
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