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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
That all makes sense but If you put Shariff Floyd next to Vikerson and the best MLB between Williams, Irvin and Johnson I think Denver might be better served. I think JDR will agree. Get the big stud DTs clogging the middle and they will make your MLB much better.
I believe Med was emphasizing a 3-down MLB, a guy that can drop into coverage as well as play the run, and is savvy enough to make calls at the LOS.

I bet JDR would love to have a 3-down MLB so he doesn't have to adjust so much to cover for the 2-down MLB. Trouble is as people have pointed out the 3-down MLB just doesn't come around too often. To get one you have to spend a high draft pick if there is even one available in the draft. They don't come open in FA, that's for sure.
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