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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I guess I'm looking at it from an entire NFL perspective. Sure, there will be HOF caliber players at almost every position in every draft. However the ratios don't seem that great. You basically just showed that there are one to two really good mike linebackers every draft. That's not very good odds...
True, but it also means that drafting MLB outside the top 35 is a very bad bet, not only are you probably not getting the player who will turn out to be a pro-bowler you are drafting a player who has very low chance of success at all.

Compare that to pass rushers, where every year you can find pro-bowl level pass rushers in lower rounds, like Dumervil, Jared Allen, Charles Johnson, Michael Johnson, Cliff Avril, Greg Hardy, Justin Houston.

Actually MLB has excellent odds, it is a position that is very easy to project and the vast majority of people projected in the 1st round have success. If you can't get one of the players who are projected high, you shouldn't draft the position at all, but if you can get one of those players you are pretty good. This year the players who are projected well are Ogletree, Minter and Teo.
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