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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I'm not aware of any widespread practice of eating strangled animals. :p

And it's not coherent to say that anything Jesus never specifically mentioned automatically became fair game.

But casting my interpretation one way or another on this tough issue isn't really my role. I'm just trying to answer (because it was asked) why many Christians consider certain OT prohibitions still in effect while so many others are forgotten.
I just read the passage you cited and it doesn't say anything about homosexuality. It just talks about sexual immorality. And that in itself can be all sorts of things that were controversial at the time: adultery, polygamy, sodomy, etc. What we do know, however, is that society has been the one to develop the norm on what is acceptable sexually. And societies differ. Eg. I'm sure in certain parts of Utah, polygamy is still fine AND is accepted in staunchly religious circles. Polygamy itself wasn't even taboo during the time of the bible.

So, your passage doesn't really do anything to back-up why the religious right feels justified in opposing the rights of homosexuals.
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