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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Snap % deals with the ability to be a 3 down LB as a Mike. The great defenses have those guys as leaders. The average defenses have 2 down thumpers and replace the Mike on Passing snaps. The thing about DEN's scheme is you can get away with a lighter Mike than most 4-3 defenses due to the way they protect the Mike with the DT's.

So, that brings smaller guys like Arthur Brown, Khaseem Greene, and Steve Beauharnais into the mix. Guys who can cover and can play Mike getting covered by the DT's and keeping OG's from getting to them at the next level. Also, those guys have natural leadership characteristics, something every good Mike needs at the next level.

Like him or hate him, Ray Lewis not only lead that defense, he made them transcend their capabilities individually. They always Played Better than their individual talents and covered each others backs. That is the type of Guy DEN needs.

That was Al Wilson. He had those LB's and the whole defense playing together. For goodness sake, they started 6 Street FA's in the second half of the season in 2004 and still were 4th in the league in total Defense. They finished 4th against he run and 6th against the pass when Big Al was manning the middle and being the Mike in the Tampa 2 drops or covering WR in the Slot.

We need the Elite Coverage MLB and team Leader. Someone who is fearless in both run and passing games. Someone who can change playcalls against the top Offenses No huddle and get the defense out of exploitable plays pre-snap. We need the next Al Wilson on the roster to take the next step defensively IMHO.

Sure, we can upgrade other positions and get decent return on Investement. But there is no other position on defense that can make this team better than getting a Stud 3 down MIKE with an attitude, great playmaking mentality, knowledge of the Playbook to QB the defense, and cover skills.

The MIKE needs to be the QB for the defense, and right now, we do NOT have one of those guys.
Complete and utter co-sign. This is the last puzzle piece that could bring home the Lombardi Trophy for us.

I know it's a passť pick, but Manti Te'o really does seem to fit the bill for the Broncos....
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